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Parent Relationships Start Now: Best Practices in Summer Communications

Wednesday, June 7 at 12 CST and rebroadcast at 3pm CST

A successful back-to-school starts in summer. Summer communications can help with enrollment, teacher retention, and parent relationships. In this webinar, we'll discuss strategies for both. Are you highlighting wins? Sharing tidbits with your faculty? Introducing families to the school counselors before Day 1? In this webinar, we'll share easy strategies for engaging your community in summer. And an engaged community is a great way to kick off the next school year!

Key takeaways:

  • Why school communications are as important as choice of curriculum
  • Tips for entertaining communications with your team in summer
  • Strategies for laying the groundwork for building parent relationships 
  • Strategies for improving the back-to-school experience for families
  • Tips on communication practices that catch readers' attention

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